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Corrigendum to the Notice of the 25th Annual General Meeting

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Postal Ballot February 2015
Postal BallotNotice February 2015Postal Ballot Notice  Postal Ballot Notice
Postal BallotForm February 2015Postal Ballot Form  Postal Ballot Form
Postal BallotResults February 2015Postal Ballot Result  Postal Ballot Result

Financial Disclosure of Subsidiary

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The Company has declared Dividend in the following years:

Announcement Date Dividend Type Dividend (%) Remarks
Announcement DateJune 26, 2007 Dividend TypeFinal Dividend (%)60% RemarksAGM
Announcement DateApril 29, 2006 Dividend TypeFinal Dividend (%)60% RemarksAGM
Announcement DateMay 17, 2005 Dividend TypeFinal Dividend (%)30% RemarksAGM

Unclaimed Dividend