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Bus Services

Bus Services

Between Alahsa (Hofuf SAPTCO Bus Terminal) and Dammam (King Fahad International Airport)

Travel effective Jul 4, 2017

Flight No. Origin Destination Departure Arrival
Flight No.9W 7490 OriginHofuf SAPTCO Bus Terminal DestinationDammam Departure1830 hrs Arrival2030 hrs
Flight No.9W 7489 OriginDammam DestinationHofuf SAPTCO Bus Terminal Departure0015 hrs Arrival0200 hrs


  • The bus service provider is SAPTCO (Saudi Arabia Public Transport Co.)

  • This bus service is for Jet Airways connecting guests only.

  • Guests availing this service must be ticketed.

  • All housemaids on fresh visa are handed over to their Sponsors only on arrival.

Between Bahrain and Dammam

Flight No. Origin Destination Departure Arrival
Flight No.9W 7483 OriginDamman DestinationBahrain Departure1600 hrs Arrival1930 hrs
Flight No.9W 7484 OriginBahrain DestinationDammam Departure2210 hrs Arrival0010 hrs*

*Arrival Next day.


  • Guests travelling on the Mumbai - Bahrain - Mumbai route can avail of this bus service.

  • The bus services are for connecting Jet Airways guests only and not for local traffic.

  • This service will not be available to female house maids.

  • Female workers arriving first time on work visa too will not be able to access this service.

  • Female workers with a re-entry visa but not housemaids are permitted to use this bus service.

  • The bus service also available to housewives and family of expatriates working in K.S.A.

  • The bus service is available to female nurses employed by hospitals, provided they hold a written authorization from the sponsor agreeing to meet them on arrival at the Bahrain Airport.

  • A female housemaid can travel using the causeway (not the bus) if her sponsor meets her on arrival at Bahrain Airport and drives her to K.S.A.

  • Seamen are not permitted to use the bus service.

  • Ensure that the guests Saudi Visa is read carefully as some visas have an endorsement stating that the guest has to travel by air only. In such cases, the guest will not be permitted to use the bus service.

  • The bus service will not be available to mothers accompanying new born infants.

  • Guests holding a visit visa for Saudi Arabia will not be accepted for travel to Dammam on the coach service which operates from Bahrain to Dammam via the King Fahad causeway.

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