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Guests with disabilities

Reduced Mobility

Wheel Chair Assistance: Guests with reduced mobility will be provided courtesy wheelchair assistance on request. Although not required, advance notice and confirmation of arrangements helps us to provide you with timely and better service.

In case you need to travel on stretcher, please refer to our policy on Stretcher.

Courtesy wheelchair assistance is given to guests subject to the following conditions:

  • Guest can walk but requires wheelchair for long distances.
  • Guest can walk but needs assistance up / down stairs.
  • Guest cannot walk and needs assistance up to the seat.

Personal Wheelchairs: We accept power-driven wheelchairs, assistive devices or other mobility equipment as checked baggage from guests with mobility disability who are dependant on such equipment.

Guests who prefer to use their own wheelchairs can use them provided the wheelchairs conform to specifications as laid down by the Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee (DPTAC), UK.

If you are travelling with your own wheelchair, scooter or other assistive device, we recommend that you contact us with the length, breadth, height, and weight information at least 48 hours prior to your journey so that we can make the necessary arrangements. We also request that you come to the airport one hour prior to the recommended check-in time so that we can ensure proper handling of your battery-powered mobility aids. Once you arrive at the airport, please inform us at check-in that you would like to use your personal wheelchair to and from the aircraft.

Power-driven wheelchairs and assistive devices that have a wet (spillable) battery are carried on the following conditions:

  • The spillable batteries will not be carried on ATR aircraft.
  • If the wheelchair requires disassembly for loading in the aircraft and then reassembly on arrival at destination, the guest should provide written instructions concerning the same.
  • We request you to inform the respective airport a minimum of 48 hours prior to the flight to ensure they have time to source the appropriate container and hazardous materials packaging.

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