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Damaged Baggage

At Jet Airways, we do everything possible to ensure careful handling of your baggage.

However in case your baggage or its contents suffer any kind of damage, the same must be reported to a Jet Airways representative in the baggage hall before you leave the airport.

Our representative will ask you to fill out a related document and report the problem immediately.

When damage is reported and deemed the result of negligence or accident on part of Jet Airways or its representatives, we will offer you a choice of either immediate settlement or arrange to have your baggage repaired at our cost.

Fragile items packed in checked baggage are not covered by Jet Airways; please ensure all such items are securely packed to avoid damage, breakage or spillage. Damage due to over packing or excess weight is not covered.

Jet Airways does not accept liability for conditions that result from normal wear and tear such as scratches, minor cuts, dents, and/or damage to checked luggage such as:

  • Broken wheels or feet

  • Loss of external locks, pull straps and security straps

  • Damage resulting from over packing

  • Damage to retractable luggage handles

  • Fragile or perishable items damaged during transport

  • Items unsuitably packed or unsuitable for transportation

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