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SMS Services

With just an SMS you can access information such as flight status and schedules, set alerts or automatically receive flight delay messages and even request for your JetPrivilege account details or search for the lowest fares on our flights.

Low fare search on SMS

To know the lowest fares available on a particular sector, simply send a SMS to 56388 in the format as given below

SMS LFS<space>ORIGIN<space>DESTINATION<space>DATE(in dd/mm format) to 56388. e.g. LFS BOM DEL 25/10 to 56388
Reply Jet Airways: All inclusive lowest fare for BOM-DEL on 25Oct09 is INR5179 on 9W2206, 9W2202, 9W2059, 9W2208. Book now on jetairways.com. Conditions apply.

Origin city and Destination city can be entered as a 'full city name' or 'airport code'. For e.g to check the lowest fares for Mumbai - Delhi, SMS LFS Mumbai Delhi 25/10 or LFS BOM DEL 25/10.

Flight delay messages via SMS

If your flight is delayed for more than 15 minutes. We will automatically send you instant flight delay information via SMS to your mobile number updated while making your booking The SMS will be sent as early as possible.

JetPrivilege account updates

Get information you need regarding your JetPrivilege membership account by simply sending an SMS.

Service SMS to 56388
Serivce JPMiles Balance SMS to 56388 JPBAL <space> JetPrivilege Number
Serivce Mileage Expiry details SMS to 56388 JPEXP <space> JetPrivilege Number
Serivce Current Tier status SMS to 56388 JPTIER <space> JetPrivilege Number
Serivce Tier Review Date SMS to 56388 JPREV <space> JetPrivilege Number
Serivce To get a list of all the above service codes SMS to 56388 JP

All SMS alerts will be sent to the mobile number registered in your membership profile. In case your mobile number has changed, please update your profile on our website or call the JetPrivilege service centre at 3989 3333.
Please note: This facility is available only for mobile numbers registered in India.

To know more, read our Frequently Asked Questions

Flight Status

Check for arrival or departure information or get to know if your flight is delayed or on-time, by simply sending an SMS to 56388

SMS Jet <flight number> to 56388. For e.g. Jet 301 to 56388
Reply Jet Mobile: 9W 301 BOM 0700AM DEL 0855AM Arrived
Reply Jet Mobile: 9W 301 BOM 0700AM DEL 0855AM Delayed

Flight Status for a particular date of travel

SMS Jet <flight number><mm/dd> to 56388
Reply Jet Mobile: 9W 301 BOM 0700AM DEL 0855AM Arrived

Set Flight Alerts

Subscribe for flight status information from your mobile and get to know the latest update on your flight via SMS.

To set alerts for same day of travel:

SMS JETALERT <Flight Number> to 56388. For e.g. JETALERT 301 to 56388
Reply Your alert has been registered for flight no 9W301

To Set Flight Alert for a particular date of travel:

SMS JETALERT <Flight Number> <mm/dd> to 56388.
Reply Your alert has been registered for flight no 9W301. Date 08/30/2008

Flight Schedules

To avail flight schedule

SMS JETSCH <mum> <del>to 56388 (Please enter the first 3 letters of the city pair i.e for Bangalore you will need to key BAN)
Reply JetMobile:9W301 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 07:00am 08:55am Mumbai Delhi

(1-7 denotes Mon-Sun)

Please note:The SMS service to 56388 is temporarily not available on BSNL networks.

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