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Travelling to India? Enjoy the best of India, conveniently with Jet Airways' Explore India Pass. Book your flight to India as well as all your internal flights in one easy step. With the Explore India Pass it’s easy to enjoy more of India while enjoying the flexibility of being able to change your dates or route at any time.

How it works?

  • Book a Jet Airways or Jet Airways Codeshare flight to India.
  • Fares may differ based on the destinations you choose.
  • We'll provide you a single booking reference (PNR), making it easier to keep track of your plans.
  • If you change your mind about where or when you want to travel, it’s quite simple to change your internal flights.

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  • Consistency: Enjoy great comfort and service on every Jet Airways flight.
  • Convenience: Book all your flights (your complete itinerary) with a single booking, on just one ticket.
  • Flexibility: Change your travel dates or routes at any time.
  • Savings: Booking in advance means you enjoy lower fares.
  • Enhanced baggage allowance.


  • The Explore India Pass is only valid when you travel to India on Jet Airways operated or marketed flights or partner airlines operated flight.
  • The Explore India Pass must be purchased while booking your Jet Airways or partner airlines flight to India and must be issued on the same document with your international airfare.
  • Fares exclude applicable surcharges, fees and taxes which will be calculated and added to the Explore India Pass fare at the time of ticketing. Unlimited date and routing changes are permitted at a charge at any time.
  • The Explore India Pass can be purchased prior to arrival in India, on jetairways.com, at local Jet Airways or partner airlines offices or appointed travel agents.

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