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Terms and Conditions - JetPrivilege Additional JPMiles

  • Additional JPMiles allows JetPrivilege members and Prospects (non-members) the opportunity to multiply their JPMiles earning at attractive price at the time of booking revenue tickets on Jet Airways.

  • Additional JPMiles is available only during booking revenue tickets on jetairways.com or Jet Airways Mobile App.

  • Additional JPMiles is available for all visitors (JetPrivilege members & Non-members) based in India or abroad.

  • Additional JPMiles is available under the 'JetXtras' section on the Jet Airways booking engine on jetairways.com and Jet Airways Mobile App.

  • Additional JPMiles cannot be purchased separately / standalone basis through any other medium including but not limited to Manage My Booking section on jetairways.com / Jet Airways Mobile App.

  • 'While Prospects (non-members) can purchase Additional JPMiles, they will need to become JetPrivilege members to claim Additional JPMiles.

  • Payment for Additional JPMiles will be collected in a single transaction along with payment for the revenue ticket.

  • If the transaction has been initiated by the JetPrivilege member through the account logged-in status then upon successful completion of the ticket booking transaction, an e-voucher code will be emailed to the email id and mobile number registered against his / her JetPrivilege account. If the transaction has been initiated through the non-logged in status then both for JetPrivilege member and the Prospect, the e-voucher code will be sent to the email id / mobile number provided under the Primary Contact section during the ticket booking process.

  • To claim Additional JPMiles, one must be a JetPrivilege member.

  • To claim Additional JPMiles, member will have to login to the ‘My JP Wallet’ section at jetprivilege.com.

  • To claim Additional JPMiles, member will have to enter the e-voucher code in the voucher number field under the My JP Wallet section.

  • Upon utilization of the e-voucher code, JPMiles will be credited to the JetPrivilege account within 72 hours.

  • The ‘Additional JPMiles’ e-voucher code is endorsable in nature.

  • The e-voucher code is valid for one (1) year and must be claimed within this validity; upon expiry of the validity, the code will be purged and will not be extended under any circumstances.

  • The e-voucher code is valid for one time use only and will be considered utilized upon first claim..

  • ‘Additional JPMiles’ are non-refundable; once purchased, the transaction will not be cancelled and no refund will be provided..

  • Additional JPMiles are not linked to the flight; any change or cancellation of the flight booking, voluntary or involuntary, will not impact the Additional JPMiles.

  • Once credited to the JetPrivilege account, these JPMiles will have the same validity as available under the JetPrivilege programme.

  • Once credited to the JetPrivilege account, usage of these JPMiles will be governed by same terms and conditions that govern utilization of other JPMiles under the JetPrivilege programme.

  • Any improper usage or misuse of JPMiles shall be grounds for immediate confiscation and forfeiture of such JPMiles, and may be grounds for the forfeiture of all JPMiles in the member's account and termination of the member's account from the JetPrivilege programme.

  • Additional JPMiles do not count towards Tier Status for upgrade / retention.

  • Determination of the value of the JPMiles is at the sole discretion of the JetPrivilege programme. JetPrivilege reserves the right to change the price of JPMiles, impose additional restrictions on purchasing JPMiles and / or conditions of obtaining JPMiles.

  • JetPrivilege reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to approve or disapprove the participation of any JetPrivilege Member for purchase of Additional JPMiles.

  • In the event of any mileage or financial discrepancy, payment calculations shall be based upon data maintained by JetPrivilege or its agent and which shall take precedence over the data in any other records.

  • Members residing outside India and purchasing Additional JPMiles will be charged in their local currency. Other transaction / foreign exchange charges may apply which will have to be borne by the member.

  • Jet Privilege Pvt. Ltd reserves the rights to change, amend, withdraw and / or alter any of the terms and conditions of this offer at any time without prior notice of giving any reasons. Member also undertakes that he / she shall neither raise nor cause to be raised any claim on Jet Airways (India) Ltd. or Jet Privilege Pvt. Ltd. in this regard.

  • Jet Airways does not hold any warrant or make any representation of the availability, delivery, quality, merchantability or suitability of offer and/or products/services under this offer and that JetPrivilege shall be solely liable for the same.

  • In no event the liability of JetPrivilege for any claims arising under this offer shall exceed the value of the evoucher.

  • All other JetPrivilege programme terms and conditions will apply. For detailed JetPrivilege Terms and Conditions please click jetprivilege.com/terms-and-conditions.

  • In case of any query please contact the JetPrivilege service centre at +91 39893333 or at email at memberservices@jetprivilege.com.

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