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Jewelsouk is an eminent online jewellery marketplace showcasing leading brands of jewellery and bestow an extensive array of fine and fashion jewellery. We wish to endeavor our customers, with a universe of high-end jewels of intricate designs and genuine finish.


Reward Offers

  • Earn 10 JPMiles on every INR 100 spent on diamond jewellery, fashion jewellery, watches and artifacts.

  • Earn 2 JPMiles on every INR 100 spent for gold jewellery only.

Contact Details

  • 1800 103 00051

Terms and Conditions

  • Log on to jewelsouk.com

  • Enter your JetPrivilege Membership number while shopping on jewelsouk.com and enjoy unstoppable JPMiles on your every purchase.

  • Retro credit of JPMiles can be made within 6 months of transaction date post Mar 29, 2017.

  • EMI at 0% interest and EMI on credit card available.

  • JPMiles are not applicable on gold coins, silver coins and solitaires.

  • JPMiles can only be claimed on jewelsouk.com

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