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Thyrocare, world’s largest preventive healthcare laboratory is an accredited brand in diagnostics providing affordable pathological testing services for over two decades now. The brand operates through a 2 lakh sq. ft. Centralised Processing Laboratory in Mumbai for Esoteric tests and Regional Processing Laboratories in many major metro cities of India and other parts of Asia.

Strong IT systems, Logistics and Automations become the pillars of strength for the brand which aid in achieving our promise pertaining to – Quality, Cost, Speed, Focus and Reach. The laboratory which works 24X7, each night handles processing of roughly 40,000 specimens covering over 2 lakh investigations. The brand is also a pioneer in many aspects.

Many laboratories and hospital brands in India, Middle East and South East Asian countries use Thyrocare to complete their test menu and to deliver quality at affordable cost.


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  • Pan India

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Effective Mar 1, 2016 , earn 10 JPMiles for every INR 100 spent with Thyrocare.

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JetPrivilege members can earn JPMiles for Wellness Packages being offered by Thyrocare at discounted rates.

Test Profiles Discounted Rate for JetPrivilege Members (INR) JPMiles
Test ProfilesWellness A Discounted Rate for JetPrivilege Members (INR)INR 1,000 JPMiles250
Test ProfilesWellness B Discounted Rate for JetPrivilege Members (INR)INR 1,500 JPMiles375
Test ProfilesWellness C Discounted Rate for JetPrivilege Members (INR)INR 2,000 JPMiles500
Test ProfilesWellness D Discounted Rate for JetPrivilege Members (INR)INR 1,500 JPMiles375

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  • JetPrivilege Terms and Condition apply.

  • Price inclusive of home service in select cities, within city limits.

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