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Earn JPMiles faster than ever before when you book any of 300,000 hotels on Kaligo.com! Great rates and incredible rewards await, with a vast range of hotels available across India and around the world.

Why book with Kaligo?

  • Get rewarded with JPMiles faster! With a supersonic earn rate, you’ll be redeeming free flights and amazing rewards sooner than ever.
  • Choose from 300,000 hotels. You’ll never be short of options no matter where in the world you want to stay.
  • Relax with best prices. Kaligo checks rates real-time against other major hotel sites to ensure you get a competitive price.
  • Never worry about hidden charges. The rates you see on Kaligo include all taxes and fees. No bad surprises at check-out.

Offer Details

Effective November 4th, JetPrivilege members get rewarded with minimum of 5 and up to 20 JPMiles per INR 100 spent for bookings on Kaligo Hotels. The exact earn rate varies by specific hotel and dates selected, and is displayed clearly in all search results.

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Applicable Locations

To know more about the participating properties please, click here.

Terms and Conditions

  • Customers must have a valid JetPrivilege membership number.

  • Promotional offers cannot be applied to existing bookings or retroactively applied to hotel stays completed prior to registration. Do remember to quote your JetPrivilege membership number at the time of booking.

  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for JPMiles to be credited to your membership account.

  • For detailed terms and conditions, click here.

Contact Details

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