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Jet Airways ICICI Bank Business Advantage Card

Jet Airways ICICI Bank Business Advantage Card

Introducing Jet Airways ICICI Bank Business Advantage Card, the first contactless Business Credit Card offering in the country. An exclusive card that 'adds wings to your business' by making your official expenses contribute for your next business trips. The card offers unique benefits and rewards in the form of JPMiles for both the company and the cardholder, thus making it a win-win proposition for both.

Read more below about the card features and benefits, offered to you and your business.

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Benefit from the new Business Rewards+ programme powered by JetPrivilege

Business Rewards+ is a unique first of its kind initiative specifically designed to cater to the growing business and travel needs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in India. With Business Rewards+ both the SME owner and its employees can get rewarded with JPMiles every time they spend on their business travel and entertainment expenses. This can later be redeemed for free Award Flights on Jet Airways, Etihad Airways or any of JetPrivilege's 25+ Airline Partners to multiple destinations worldwide.

Business Rewards+ facilitates the Business to connect all its employees to the programme so that any expenses undertaken by the owner or the designated employees of the business can be tracked into a single corporate account and the business can ultimately benefit from all these expenses.

Business Rewards+ is unique in its structure through which it rewards both the business owner and its employees with JPMiles for all their business travel and entertainment expenses.

Joining bonus

  • 5,000 bonus JPMiles as a welcome gift on joining to the cardholder.

Annual renewal bonus

  • 1,500 Bonus JPMiles on renewal every year to the cardholder.

Miles Split Ratio Module (MSRM)

The Business Advantage Card comes with a unique proposition of offering 3 Miles Split Ratio Modules (MSRM), 75:25, 50:50 or 25:75. A Business chooses an MSRM out of these options. An MSRM of 75:25 specifies JPMiles split of 75% to the cardholder and 25% to the company for all JPMiles earned on Qualifying Expenses. The JPMiles earned by the Business are transferred to the company's Business Rewards+ account and that of Cardholder are transferred to his / her individual JetPrivilege account. The MSRM needs to be chosen while enrolling for the programme and cannot be modified later.

Spends benefit

The cardholder earns JPMiles on Qualifying Expenditure as per the table below.

Spends JPMiles earn rate for every INR 200 of Qualifying Expenditure
SpendsDomestic spends JPMiles earn rate for every INR 200 of Qualifying Expenditure5 JPMiles
SpendsInternational spends JPMiles earn rate for every INR 200 of Qualifying Expenditure8 JPMiles
SpendsAirline Spends upon purchase of revenue tickets on Jet Airways website ( www.jetairways.com or jetairways.globallinker.com) JPMiles earn rate for every INR 200 of Qualifying Expenditure10 JPMiles

In addition to the above, earn 1 JPMile for every INR 300 card outstanding paid within 7 days from statement generation date using ICICI Bank infinity banking service.

A share of JPMiles earned on Qualifying Expenses and outstanding payments is passed on to the Business account through Miles Split Ratio Module (MSRM) as mentioned above. The JPMiles share of an cardholder shall be accrued in his / her individual JetPrivilege account whereas the business share of JPMiles shall be accrued in the Business Rewards+ account, accessible on the Business Rewards+ platform.

Rebate for the business

The company earns bonus JPMiles in the form of rebate on reaching various Qualifying Spends slabs as your employees travel on Jet Airways or any of its codeshare airlines as shown below – be it domestic or international.

Base fare spending on Jet Airways at a company-level Additional JPMiles earned annually
Base fare spending on Jet Airways at a company-levelUp to INR 5,00,000 Additional JPMiles earned annuallyUp to 11,500 JPMiles
Base fare spending on Jet Airways at a company-levelBetween INR 5,00,001 to INR 1,000,000 Additional JPMiles earned annually17,000 to 35,000 JPMiles
Base fare spending on Jet Airways at a company-levelBetween INR 1,000,001 to INR 1,500,000 Additional JPMiles earned annually46,500 to 70,000 JPMiles
Base fare spending on Jet Airways at a company-levelBetween INR 1,500,001 to INR 2,000,000 Additional JPMiles earned annually87,000 to 1,16,000 JPMiles
Base fare spending on Jet Airways at a company-levelINR 2,000,001 and above Additional JPMiles earned annuallyOver 1,39,500 JPMiles

5% discount on purchase of revenue ticket

Earn a 5% discount on base fare and fuel surcharge for domestic travel and 5% discount on base fare only for international travel. Applicable when revenue tickets are booked through the Jet Airways GlobalLinker website – jetairways.globallinker.com.

Lounge access

Complimentary access - twice in quarter to select domestic and international airport lounges in a quarter, click here for list of airports and more information.

Culinary Treats

Save a minimum of 15% on your dining bill at participating restaurants through the ICICI Bank Culinary Treats programme. For more detail please visit culinarytreats.com. You can also download the ICICI Bank Culinary Treats mobile app from Apple iStore or Google Play.

Expense management tool powered by VISB

Complimentary access to expense management tool through recently launched - Visa IntelliLink for Small Business (VISB). It's a simple but powerful web-based tool to access and track all your expenses – card-based and non-card based. Please click here to know more about VISB.

Other card benefits

  • Complimentary enrolment to Kaligo Business Plus Programme and accelerated JPMiles on hotel booking on Kaligo.com. It lets you manage your employee stays and split the accelerated JPMiles earned between employee and company. Please click here to read more about the Kaligo Business Plus Programme.

  • Fuel surcharge waiver of 2.5% for transactions up to INR 5,000 on HPCL Pumps.

  • Complimentary insurance cover for air accident of INR 75 Lakhs when the air travel tickets are charged on Business Advantage Card. Similarly there are other insurance covers for non-air accident and other uncertainties associated with travel, click here for complete list of insurance covers provided.

  • Complimentary 24-hour concierge services through i-Assist for taking care of every need right from restaurant reservations to travel & hotel reservations to car rental & limousine services to emergency medical services to emergency auto-break down services.

  • Emergency card replacement worldwide through Visa global customer assistance services.

  • Convenience of lighting fast contactless transactions at contactless enabled merchants and secure Chip and PIN based transactions on other merchants.

Partner contact information

ICICI Bank is India's largest private sector bank & the second largest bank in the country. The wide range of product offerings within credit cards consists of co-branded cards, EMI Cards, premium cards & affinity cards. For Partner contact details visit icicibank.com.

Annual fees

  • Joining Fee : INR 2500

  • Annual fee (Second year onwards) : INR 1500

Note : JPMiles earnings on Jet Airways ICICI Bank Business Advantage Card spends are capped to 1,50,000 JPMiles per anniversary year. In order to earn uncapped JPMiles per year, members will have to pay an additional uncapping annual fee of INR 20,000.

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