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Infant and Child Care

Infant and Child care

At Jet Airways we are committed to make our younger guests travel experience enjoyable and comfortable.

Young guests between 2 and 12 years of age (at the time of travel) will be considered as children. Guests up to 2 years will be considered as infants and need to be accompanied with an adult at all times throughout their journey. You may request a special meal for children at the time of booking or at least 12 hours prior to departure.

In compliance with in-flight safety regulations, our crew will ensure that every guest travelling with an infant is provided with an infant life jacket and infant seat belt on board, prior to take-off and the same will be collected after landing.

Guests are reminded that any damage or tampering of the infant life jacket, or its removal from the aircraft without authorization of a cabin crew member, is strictly prohibited and is a punishable act.

We provide a diaper-changing table in lavatories on all flights except those operated by ATR aircraft. Our cabin crew will guide you to the lavatory equipped with this facility.

Infant travel on international flights

Relatives accompanying infants on international flights are required to carry a written letter of consent from the infant’s parents confirming the same. The written consent must contain the following:

  • Photo copies of the parents’ passports, who are not traveling with the infant
  • The relative’s passport number, who is accompanying the infant

  • Confirmation that the relative has been asked to accompany the infant on their behalf


Bassinet seats are available for infants weighing 11 Kgs (24.25 pounds) or less on our international flights operated by Airbus 330, Boeing 777-300ER and Boeing 737 aircraft. For more details, please refer to our seat maps . The bassinets are usually located behind galleys, lavatories, closets and partitions in Economy. There are 2 bassinets available on B-737 in front of seats 10BE. Requests for Bassinets can now be made at the time of booking.

Bassinets are available on select routes and are subject to availability. In case of non-availability of bassinets due to aircraft change, refund / reissue penalties will be waived for the guest holding confirmed bassinets prior to aircraft change.

Child Restraint Systems (CRS)

You are permitted to use a Child Restraint System (CRS) for infants inside the aircraft, provided an additional seat has been booked for the infant. If a seat has not been purchased, the infant will be secured to the adult's lap using an infant seat belt.

A Child Restraint System (Seat) is

  • Mandatory for an infant (under the age of two years) occupying a seat.
  • Optional for a child between 2 and 4 years of age, depending on the manufacturer's guidelines for the device's maximum weight capacity.

Jet Airways does not provide for child restraint system(s) and the same must be carried by the adult guest accompanying the infant.

Due to safety reasons, child restraint systems cannot be used for travel

  • On ATR aircraft
  • In Première, on aircraft with herringbone seat configuration

Child Restraint System (CRS) for use in the aircraft must have specifications or labels indicating that the device is approved by FAA and suitable for aircraft use.

Note: If an approved CRS with a worn out or illegible label is presented for use on an aircraft, then the accompanying adult must produce a letter from the manufacturer specifying that the presented CRS (indicated through model number, specific make or detailed description) is approved for use on an aircraft. The Owner's Manual which contains information that the CRS meets safety standards is also acceptable proof.

The following devices are not accepted for use as infant or child restraint systems on Jet Airways flights:

  • Belly loops
  • Booster seats
  • Little cargo seats
  • Vests or harness type devices


  • It is mandatory to purchase an additional seat for the infant or child using a Child Restraint System.

  • An adult must accompany the infant or child occupying the CRS.

  • The CRS cannot be placed on an exit row seat or on seats ahead of and behind the exit row.

  • The CRS should be secured to a regular passenger seat at all times or, if not in use, stowed as carry-on baggage.

  • When travelling with two children, both using CRS, the CRS will require to be installed on the window and middle seats and the accompanying adult will occupy the aisle seat.

  • The child or infant must be properly secured in the CRS with the harness fastened during taxi, take off, landing and whenever the 'Fasten Seat-belt' sign is switched on.

  • The CRS must be properly installed in the forward-facing aircraft seats according to the manufacturer's instructions.


  • Bassinet seats are available in Economy only.

  • Bassinet seats are limited and subject to availability.

  • In case of a change in aircraft, where the new aircraft has fewer bassinets, the seat previously blocked may not be available.

  • In case of a change in aircraft, where the new aircraft has more bassinets, guests will be appropriately re-accommodated.

  • Every infant must be accompanied by an adult.

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