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Left Item Onboard

Left behind something onboard? Find it here

Quick and simple steps

  • Simply fill out the above form to know if your lost item has been found

  • If the details of the lost item provided match the records of the retrieved items, we will display the item / product
  • If you are able to recognize your lost item online, you will then be required to select the item displayed and submit the claim form provided to you

  • You will then receive a confirmation via email with contact details of the concerned airport personnel and the necessary documentation to claim the lost item

  • Lastly, a visit to the airport will be required by yourself or an authorized representative to claim the identified article

Documentation for claiming lost items

Kindly submit the below mentioned documents at the airport

  • Copy of the e-ticket

  • Boarding pass

  • Government approved photo identification

In case you decide to send an authorized representative to collect the lost item on your behalf, they will need to carry the below mentioned documents in addition to those stated above.

  • Original letter of authority

  • A self-attested copy of the owner’s valid photo identification

  • Representative’s original photo identification and self-attested photocopy.

Terms and Conditions

  • This is only applicable for those items traced by Jet Airways from the aircraft

  • This is only a diligent effort as a goodwill gesture by Jet Airways to assist a guest to trace out a lost item from the aircraft and at no point of time take the responsibility/obligation to mandatorily recover the same and cannot be deemed to be within the scope of deficiency of service at any point of time

  • Lost items will not be shipped / delivered by Jet Airways

  • Jet Airways will not be liable for any observed damage on the retrieved item(s)

  • Items left behind at airport security will require the guest to check and coordinate directly with the concerned airport authority / operator

  • The items left behind onboard will be available for display online:

    • 24 hours after flight arrival (for items left behind between Sunday and Thursday) and

    • 72 hours after flight arrival (for items left behind between Friday and Saturday)

  • Details of the lost items would be available on our website for 30 days only.

  • No claims thereafter will be entertained

  • Guest agrees not to initiate any legal proceedings for not tracing and identifying any of their lost items.

  • All the terms and conditions at the time of booking are applicable in this context too.


In case you are unable to trace your lost item here, kindly write to mhb@jetairways.com

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