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Guests travelling First Class on Jet Airways will be served an elegant four-course meal on stylish crockery designed by one of Britian's leading ceramic designer, William Edwards, offering an unparalleled, luxurious dining experience.

William Edwards is renowned for the use of traditional hand decorating techniques that have existed for generations in English Potteries in Stoke-On-Trent. The First Class tableware utilises a style and colouration that picks up on the warm rich colours associated with Indian culture in addition to the use of gold which adds exclusivity to the collection.

Using a similar design – the Première collection is set apart from the First Class line by incorporating platinum and silver mica, to reflect 'corporate smartness' with a subtle combination of white and decorated items, delivering an exclusive appearance to the Première guests.

Furthermore, the classic shapes of round rimmed tableware and the contemporary colours and styles are juxtaposed to create a fine balance. The product's twelve month journey from concept to delivery stage stands testimony to the dedication and attention to detail displayed by the in-house team responsible for developing the product. According to designer William Edwards, it was an 'extended creative process'.

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