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Kotak Credit Cards

Kotak Credit Cards

Kotak Bank credit cardholders can convert their reward points into JPMiles.

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JetPrivilege members holding valid Kotak Mahindra Bank Credit Cards can convert their Reward Points in ratios mentioned below:

Credit Card Variant Reward Points JPMiles
Credit Card VariantWealth Infinite Credit Card Reward Points1 JPMiles2
Credit Card VariantNRI Signature Platinum, Feast, Essentia Platinum & Silk Platinum Credit Card Reward Points1 JPMiles1
Credit Card VariantRoyale Signature, Privy League Signature (Insignia / Optima & Prime) & Wealth Credit Card Reward Points4 JPMiles1
Credit Card VariantLeague Platinum & Urbane Gold Credit Card Reward Points10 JPMiles1

Conversion Process

Convert your Reward Points into JPMiles by following three simple steps:

  • Kotak Credit Cardholder will require to have a minimum of 500 Reward Points to convert them into JPMiles.

  • Call Kotak Customer Care Centre to convert your Reward Points to JPMiles.

  • Quote your JetPrivilege membership number.

  • Once you have placed your request for converting your reward points into JPMiles; the equivalent JPMiles will reflect into your JetPrivilege membership account shortly.

Additional Information

Terms & Conditions for the Conversion to JPMiles:

  • Kotak Credit Card Reward Points Program is made available only to Kotak Bank Credit Card customers holding valid Kotak Credit Cards in India.

  • This scheme shall remain in force till such time till it is otherwise terminated by Kotak Credit Card.

  • Kotak Credit Card Reward Points will be awarded to a Kotak Credit Card member for valid charges incurred on a valid Card. No Kotak Credit Card Reward Points will be awarded to customers towards transaction fees and charges. Kotak Credit Card may award Rewards Points on a uniform basis for any other actions as Kotak Bank Credit Card may decide either for a specific period or for a specific situation.

  • Kotak Credit Card Reward Points are redeemable for purchase of specific goods and vouchers as may, from time to time, be intimated by Kotak Credit Card.

  • On redemption, the Kotak Credit Card Reward Points so redeemed would be automatically deleted from the accumulated Kotak Credit Card Rewards Points in the Kotak Credit Card Cardmember's Account.

  • No accumulation or redemption of Kotak Credit Card Reward Points will be permissible if, on relevant date, the Card has been withdrawn or cancelled or is liable to be cancelled or if the account of the Kotak Bank Credit Card Cardmember is a delinquent account or if there is any breach of any clause of the Terms and Conditions applicable on the card. Kotak Credit Card Reward Points will lapse on the date of closure / cancellation of the Kotak Bank Credit Card.

  • Kotak reserves the right to substitute or withdraw any product or Gift voucher on account of non-availability of the product or Gift voucher.

  • Kotak’s computation of Kotak Credit Card Rewards Points shall be final, conclusive and binding on a Kotak Credit Card Cardmember and will not be liable to be disputed or questioned, except in case of manifest error.

  • Kotak Credit Card Cardmember cannot transfer any Kotak Credit Card Reward Points to another person or combine the Kotak Credit Card Reward Points of his / her other Credit Cards except for Additional Cards issued and linked with the primary card.

  • All goods / Services under the Kotak Credit Card Reward Points Program are subject to availability of the goods and supplier restrictions, at the time of redemption.

  • All disputes, if any, arising out of or in connection with or as a result of this Kotak Credit Card Rewards Program or otherwise relating hereto shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts/tribunals in Mumbai.

  • All terms and conditions of Kotak Credit Card Reward Points Rewards Programme and JetPrivilege Programme apply.

Contact Details

  • Bengaluru: +91 80 6600 6022
  • Chennai: +91 44 6600 6022
  • Kolkata: +91 33 6600 6022
  • Mumbai: +91 22 6600 6022
  • New Delhi: +91 11 6600 6022
  • Rest of India: 1800 1026022

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