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Great experience in the flight to London. Komal did an exceptional job to ensure quality of service was top notch.

She was pro-active and welcoming to help. Her approach to dealing with guest(s) is really good.

Good role model. Well done. Keep it up!

Hemant Singh
Flight No 9W 120

Fantastic flight. Proud to be an Indian with such amazing level of service. I fly frequently on European Airlines but service levels in this flight was amazing. Hope you maintain same levels in all your flights.

I Would like to mention two amazing girls, Ms Priyanka and Ms Jennifer. They are not only gorgeous girls but also have an amazing understanding of hospitality. Keep it up!

Anubhav Saxena
Flight No 9W 120

I write this mail to express my pleasure in a recent service that I received from Jet Airways and its staff.

On 16th I was travelling from Mumbai to Paris via 9W124. I was travelling Business Class (seat 1D) and I had forgotten my wallet with cash, credit cards and other import stuff in my seat.

I realized this when I reached my hotel. I tried to reach out to local Jet Office but could not reach anybody. Frantically I reached somebody in my office in India who contacted Jet Airways locally. To our surprise we had ready information that my wallet was found by one of the flight attendants (Sam) and was handed over to the Station Manager (Peter) in 2C in CDG.

I even received a call on my Indian # from Peter confirming that he had my wallet and he handed this over a friend who was in CDG terminal 2C trying to locate some help.

This help is something I will remember for long. But for this gesture, I would have been in deep trouble and my entire week of business trip would have been in quandary.

My deep felt gratitude to the flight attendant and the Station Manager of Jet Airways. Sincerely appreciate this help and support from Jet Airways.

Giridharan K. S
Flight No 9W 124

I take this opportunity to bring into your notice the efficiency, dedication, courteousness and the cheerful disposition of one of your supervisors Mr Nitesh Kumar Singh who I notice often during my frequent visits to the Mumbai Terminal, as I am headquartered at Indore.

I have seen him handling your esteemed guests with tact, efficiency and politeness, he is well informed about your airline rules and thus I thought it prudent to take time and bring into your notice that such staff and personnel are indeed an asset to your airline. I am a Platinum Flier and have been patronizing your airline since the last 20 years.

C.S.Biju Vasudevan
Flight No 9W 7178

I'm a frequent flyer of your airline, but I have never come across such an excellent crew, Anam, Aman, Nagma and Manpreet.

Their smile was throughout the flight. We guest are still loyal to the company because of such staff.

Please keep up this good job and through this comment card, I would like to mention the standard of Jet Airways is still at the top because of its employees.

All the best!

Ravinder Sahni
Flight No 9W 0356

Absolutely wonderful experience travelling with the staff on 9W 118 to London. Very courteous, very nice and super smiling. Didn't realize how a 9 hour flight passed. Food too was good, very tasty. Loved the wine selection.

Have always been a big fan of Jet Airways and now my resolve to travel only Jet Airways has got further strengthened.

Super Duper Time!

Dr. Kulkarni Sarika
Flight No 9W 118

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