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Extra Seat

Extra Seat

Guest(s) can purchase an extra seat for their personal comfort, safe carriage of fragile or delicate items such as musical instruments, electronic equipments, paintings and diplomatic mail.

  • The maximum weight of the baggage on the blocked seat must not exceed 75 kgs.
  • Extra Seat and guest’s seat have to be reserved at the same time in the same PNR.
  • The height of the article to be carried should not exceed the height of the headrest of the seat.
  • Baggage on the seat must be of a size and shape such that it can be secured with the seat belt or extension belt.
  • In case the article is too large to be properly secured on the aircraft seat, it may not be accepted.
  • Medical approval will be required for MEDA (medical) cases.

Please contact our Ticketing offices for reservation and further information.

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