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Travelling with Pets

Travelling with Pets

Effective Feb 1, 2019, carriage of AVI (dogs and cats) on board all Jet Airways flights as ‘Unaccompanied’ (shipped via Cargo) will be permitted on direct flights only (except ATR flights).

Jet Airways policy with respect to carriage of animals

  • We accept birds and rabbits on flights within India (except ATR-operated flights).

  • Book your pet at least 24 hours in advance as accompanied baggage for domestic flights.

  • Live animals will be carried in the cargo hold only and cannot be carried in the cabin.

  • Jet Airways will accept a maximum of 3 pet containers on B737 aircraft and a maximum of 5 pet containers on A330 / B777 aircraft, subject to space availability.

  • One guest can carry maximum of three pet containers on Domestic flights in the aircraft hold subject to space availability.

  • Jet Airways is not liable in case of injury or death of the animal.

  • Live animals along with their respective container weighing up to 32 kgs, will be accepted as checked-in baggage. If the weight exceeds 32 kgs, the same will be accepted for carriage as cargo.

  • Guests must fill a Declaration Form for carriage of animals prior to their flight. To download the Form, click here.

Service animals accompanying a disabled guest in the passenger cabin do not fall under this category.

Container requirements

The design and construction of the container must conform to the IATA Live Animal Regulations. Kindly ensure that the container meets these requirements prior to the day of travel.

Always ensure that the crate is large enough for your pet to sit, stand and turn around comfortably.


  • Bowls for food and water must be attached to the door of the crate

  • Absorbent pad or mat at the bottom of the crate

  • Plastic ties to seal the door of the crate on all four ends

  • Details including pet's name, photo, basic nature and feeding instructions to be mentioned on the crate.

  • Emergency contact details of pet owner

  • Crate with ventilation on all four sides is preferred

  • Avoid crates with ventilation and openings at the top.

  • Crates with only clamp locking must be avoided

  • Portable kennels or a small container may be accepted provided the construction and ventilation is considered adequate and meets all size restrictions and general criteria.

    An animal and/or container will not be accepted when

    • The container is not sufficiently sturdy or is in poor condition which may lead to the animal escaping easily.

    • The container or animal is unclean.

    • The animal appears diseased.

    • The animal is unduly savage.

    • The container could cause injury or suffering to the animal.

    • The container fails to meet the IATA regulations stipulating that the animal must be able to:

      • Stand up straight

      • Lie down without being cramped and

      • Turn around within the crate or kennel.


    • Jet Airways will levy a flat fee of INR 5,000 per container for carriage of pets on domestic journeys within India. This fee will not apply to Service Animal accompanying a disabled guest.

    Documentation for carriage of birds and rabbits

    The following documents are required for carriage of birds and rabbits as checked–in baggage or cargo on domestic flights.

    • Fitness certificate from a veterinarian
    • A letter from the State Forest or Wildlife department stating that the species of bird or rabbit is not endangered and is allowed to be carried on a domestic flight from the origin city to the destination city.

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