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The story of Femina, reads much like the story of the Indian woman. For over 50 years now, Femina, India's first and largest read women's English magazine has long been the definitive life and lifestyle guide for progressive woman. In this brave new age of the multi-faceted, multitasking woman, Femina still remains the referral point for women who are expanding their roles, and exploring new frontiers. And continues to talk to forward- thinking women on issues that matter most to them.

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Publication Term Issues(INR) Cover Price(INR) Exclusive Offerfor JetPrivilege Members JPMiles
PublicationFEMINA Term1 year Issues (INR)28 Cover Price1040 Exclusive Offerfor JetPrivilege Members700 JPMiles200

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  • +91 11 39898090


  • +91 80 39898090


  • +91 33 39898090


  • +91 22 39898090

Terms and Conditions

  • Please allow a delivery period of 4-6 weeks for the first issue of Femina to reach you from encashment of remittance.

  • Subscription copies will be delivered by post/courier as soon as the issue is released in the market place, however BCCL will not be responsible for postal or courier delays.

  • Avoid giving PO Box or APO addresses.

  • This subscription is valid for 28 issues of Femina.

  • This offer and rate is valid in India only.

  • Disputes if any will be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts in Mumbai only.

  • Terms & conditions are subject to change from time to time.

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