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Our Enrolment page is divided into three simple steps, first basic profile, second mailing address, third verification. On the successful completion of enrolment you will be recieving a jet privilege number for future login.
please fill up you basic profile information here.
  • Basic Profile
  • Mailing Address
  • Verification
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JetPrivilege Membership Number(To be filled in only if you have a JetPrivilege enrolment form)

JetPrivilege Membership Number
(If you already have a JetPrivilege enrolment form with the membership number, enter the same number here. Alternatively, leave this space blank and fill up the rest of the form below, to obtain a membership number instantaneously.)
(Please enter the Enrolment Promotion Code if provided to you by Jet Airways)

Personal Details

provide your Name
(Your name as it appears on your passport / driving license / election photo ID or a photo credit card.)
(The email address should not be used with any other JetPrivilege account.)

Password Information

Must contain 1 character in lower case, 1 special character (except Dot (.), Comma (,), Space and Hyphen (-)), 1 numeric digit and should be ‘7’ to ‘8’ characters in length.


please fill up you mailing address information here.
  • Basic Profile
  • Mailing Address
  • Verification

Mailing Address

Country of Residence
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  • Business



verify your email address and mobile number to get full access to your account.
  • Basic Profile
  • Mailing Address
  • Verification
Your JetPrivilege Membership Number
  • Incase the email address is incorrect,

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