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About Cargo

Having over 25 years of experience in air cargo transportation, with our highly trained and dedicated team of professionals, we service 46 key stations in India and 21 key stations internationally.

Reliability and professionalism are the key drivers.

With our interline partners and dedicated trucking service, we are able to transport shipments from any of our stations to most of the major destinations / gateways / capital destinations in the world.

Our strong fleet of over 119 aircrafts comprising of the new generation Airbus A330's, Boeing 777-300's and Boeing 737-800's provide the much needed cargo capacity both in our Domestic as well as International networks. Hubs at Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata and Amsterdam connect shipments smoothly, efficiently, swiftly to all destinations in our network.

The wide body fleet comprising of a mix of the new generation Airbus A330’s and Boeing 777-300's provide the much needed capacity for big and large shipments from / to Amsterdam, Bengaluru, Chennai, Dammam, Delhi, Doha, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, Paris, Singapore and Toronto. Jet Airways is the only airline operating the Airbus A330 daily from / to Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi thus offering the unique opportunity for air transportation of big and large shipments between these cities.

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