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JetKid Enrollment

Enrol a child into our JetPrivilege programme now.

The programme now allows a parent / guardian to enrol kid(s) between the ages of 2-11 years into JetPrivilege. Post enrolment, the child will get rewarded with JPMiles for their individual travel into their own JetPrivilege account.

View JPMiles in the child's account.

Redeem JPMiles from the individual child's account for Award ticket for self or any family members or friends, till the child completes 11 years of age.

You can have a maximum of 5 children linked to your account.

On attaining the age of 12 years, the child's account will be de-linked from the Parent / Guardian account and the child will independently handle all transactions (including redemption of JPMiles) pertaining to his / her JetPrivilege account.

All regular features and benefits of the JetPrivilege Programme will apply to the child enrolled in the JetKids account.

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