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Flight Update

Runway closure at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai

Due to pre-planned maintenance activities, the runway at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport will be closed on Oct 23, 2018 from 1100 hours to 1700 hours. Guests planning their travel during this period are requested to allow for sufficient time, in case of delays, while making their bookings.

Please find below the revised schedule for flights operationg on Oct 23, 2018:

Original Flight Number Revised Flight Number Origin Destination Revised Departure Revised Arrival
Original Flight Number9W 825 Revised Flight Number9W 404 OriginKochi DestinationMumbai Departure1800 Arrival2010
Original Flight Number9W 842 Revised Flight Number9W 936 OriginGuwahati DestinationMumbai Departure1710 Arrival2025
Original Flight Number9W 430 Revised Flight Number9W 642 OriginChandigarh DestinationMumbai Departure1530 Arrival1800
Original Flight Number9W 412 Revised Flight Number9W 695 OriginMumbai DestinationJodhpur Departure0835 Arrival1015
Original Flight Number9W 413 Revised Flight Number9W 696 OriginJodhpur DestinationMumbai Departure1630 Arrival1825

Additional frequency between Bengaluru and Singapore

We are delighted to introduce our second daily, non-stop flight between Bengaluru and Singapore.

Effective between Mar 25 – Oct 27, 2018

Flight Number Origin Destination Departure Arrival
Flight Number9W 26 OriginBengaluru DestinationSingapore Departure0130 Arrival0855
Flight Number9W 25 OriginSingapore DestinationBengaluru Departure1005 Arrival1210

Flight Operations

Following flights have been cancelled:

Flight Number Effective From Until Frequency Origin Destination Status
Flight Number9W 591 Effective FromOct 1, 2018 UntilNov 30, 2018 Frequency127 OriginBahrain DestinationMumbai StatusCancelled
Flight Number9W 592 Effective FromOct 1, 2018 UntilNov 30, 2018 Frequency127 OriginMumbai DestinationBahrain StatusCancelled

The following flights have been rescheduled with effect from Sep 22, 2018 to Oct 27, 2018:

Flight Number Origin Destination Frequency Current Schedule Revised Schedule
Departure Arrival Departure Arrival
Flight Number9W 706 OriginJodhpur DestinationIndore Frequency136 Current Departure1215 hrs Current Arrival1355 hrs Revised Departure1155 hrs Revised Arrival1330 hrs
Flight Number9W 3551 OriginIndore DestinationAllahabad Frequency136 Current Departure1525 hrs Current Arrival1720 hrs Revised Departure1355 hrs Revised Arrival1545 hrs
Flight Number9W 3554 OriginAllahabad DestinationNagpur Frequency136 Current Departure1745 hrs Current Arrival1930 hrs Revised Departure1610 hrs Revised Arrival1755 hrs

Frequency 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 refer to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

All timings are in local time.

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