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Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Whether it's your first flight or one of many, at Jet Airways your safety is of paramount importance to us. Our young, modern and well maintained fleet and compliance to international safety standards ensures that your favourite airline is also continues to be a safe airline.

We pride ourselves in having developed an in-house engineering and maintenance facility to carry out annual C checks of our narrow body aircraft.

The Government of India prohibits smoking on all flights. As a precautionary measure, lavatories on board all our flights are fitted with smoke detectors.

When travelling with infants, you may request for seats with bassinets. Bassinet seats are available on our international flights operated by Airbus A330 and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. Please click here to read more about bassinets on board. For additional convenience, our lavatories are also equipped with a diaper changing tables. A first-aid kit is available with the cabin crew on all our flights.

Cabin baggage

Excess cabin baggage is a safety hazard and could probably be the cause for accidents in-flight. It may also hamper quick and safe evacuation of guestsin case of an emergency. Overloading of the overhead bins may cause luggage to fall out and increase the possibility of injury. The Government of India permits carriage of only one piece of cabin baggage per adult guest.

Use of mobile phones

As per Civil Aviation Requirement, Section 5, Series X, Part I dated Apr 23, 2014, electronic devices, intentionally transmitting radio signals like mobile / cellular phones, amateur radio transceivers, etc., if carried on board, shall be kept in non-transmitting mode (commonly referred to as Flight / Airplane Mode) in all phases of flight.

Prior to departure

Guests will be permitted to use their mobile phones while the aircraft doors are open, unless advised by the captain. Guests will be required to put their mobile phones in the flight mode once the aircraft doors are closed. However, all other electronic devices must be switched off.


Guests will be permitted to use mobile phones and Transmitting PED's on Flight / Airplane mode only after the seat belt sign has been switched off. In case of any interference and for safety reasons, the cabin crew in charge may inform the guests to stop using their PED's.

Prior to landing

Guests are required to put their mobile phones and tablets in the flight mode. However, all other electronic devices must be switched off.

After landing

After landing, guests will be permitted to use mobile phones once the aircraft clears the active runway . However this may not be applicable incase the landing takes place in low visibility conditions.

The cabin crew in charge will clearly mention low visibility conditions during the pre-landing announcement.

Our aircraft are equipped with life jackets and seat cushion which acts as floatation device. The cabin crew will demonstrate the proper use of these during the safety demonstration before takeoff. Our cabin crew are experienced and well trained to handle any situation onboard and we request you to follow their instructions to ensure a safe and pleasant journey.

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