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General Policy

Security Check of Passengers and their Hand Baggage

As per Government of India Regulations, for security reasons, all passengers at Indian airports will be frisked and their hand baggage checked by the security staff before boarding the flight.


Missing / Lost / Damaged Baggage

While we take utmost care that your baggage arrives in proper condition, there may be occasions when baggage may be damaged or misplaced. In such a situation the passenger should immediately report the damage / missing baggage to our ground staff on arrival, before leaving the terminal building.

Further a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) has to be filed, which will be done by the staff. The case then will be settled as per company policy. Please note that once the passenger leaves the terminal building without registering a complaint of mishandled bag, Jet Airways will not be in a position to settle the claim.

Our liability for loss to baggage is limited to INR 350 per kg on domestic flights within India and USD 20 per kg lost on international flights, unless a higher value is declared in advance and additional charges are paid. Excess valuation may not be declared on certain types of articles. We assume no liability for fragile/perishable articles or already damaged items.


Lost Ticket

In a situation where a passenger has lost an unused ticket / Miscellaneous Charges Order (MCO), a Form of Indemnity (FOI) must be filled and signed by the passenger requesting either refund or the issuance of a replacement ticket. Please note that FOI signed by travel agents or any representative on behalf of the passenger will not be accepted. In case of a domestic ticket, along with the FOI, it is also important to obtain a First Information Report (FIR) from the police station. On receipt of this information the ticket will be blacklisted to ensure that it is not misused. The refund will be processed one year from the date of issue of ticket.


Electronic Devices on Board

Many electronic devices like cassette players and lap top computers interfere with aircraft communications and radio navigation systems. Passengers are requested to refrain from using these devices during take-off and landing. The instructions of the cabin crew must be adhered to at all times.


Use of Mobile Phones on Board

As per the latest amendment to the Civil Aviation Requirement, Section 5, Series X, Part I issued by DGCA, guests onboard all flights are required to follow the prescribed guidelines for the use of mobile phones and Transmitting PED's (Personal Electronic Devices) on ‘Flight Mode’.

Prior to departure: Guests will be permitted to use their mobile phones while the aircraft doors are open, unless advised by the Captain. (i.e. during aircraft refueling, aircraft Radio Telephony communication; and pre-flight functions like entries in the FMS and GPS navigation system) Guests will be required to switch off their Mobile phones and other portable electronic devices once the aircraft doors are closed. Flight Mode will not be permitted.

In-flight: Guests will be permitted to use Mobile phones and Transmitting PED’s on Flight / Airplane mode only after the seat belt sign has been switched off. In case of any interference and for safety reasons, the Cabin Crew in charge may inform the guests to stop using their PEDs.

Prior to landing: Guests must switch off all electronic devices like Laptops, transmitting PED’s including mobile phones prior to landing.

After landing: After landing, guests will be permitted to use mobile phones once the aircraft clears the active runway. However this may not be applicable incase the landing takes place in low visibility conditions. The Cabin Crew in charge will clearly mention low visibility conditions during the pre-landing announcement.


Carriage of Weapons / Ammunition

Security regulations prohibit the carriage of weapons in the passenger cabin except for those authorized by the Government of India.

Besides actual weapons, certain items that may be misused as weapons or resemble weapons are also prohibited from being carried in the passenger cabin.

Bringing a prohibited item to the Passenger and Cabin Baggage Screening point without authorization is a criminal offence and may result in charges and prosecution. The following list of weapons may be carried in checked-in luggage, provided they are sheathed or securely packed to prevent injury to handlers and screeners:

  • Knives
  • Box cutter
  • Swords
  • Spears
  • Martial Arts weapons
  • Licensed firearms

As per directives from the Regulatory Authority of India, weapons and ammunition can be placed onboard the aircraft only in a special compartment designed for carriage of weapons and ammunition. Accordingly, the weapon will be segregated from the registered baggage and will be placed separately in the weapon compartment in case you are traveling on an ATR aircraft.

To comply with the requirement of the regulatory authority, a special compartment measuring 09" wide, 30" in height and 04" in depth has been provided onboard the ATR aircraft . Only weapons that fit into this special compartment shall be accepted for carriage on the ATR aircraft. Weapon holders are requested to confirm the type of aircraft and the size of weapon at the time of ticket booking.

Note: On domestic sectors we will levy a charge INR 5,000 per fire arm, air gun and or ammunition (up to 50 rounds) per guest towards additional services provided during handling and carriage of fire arms, air gun(s) or ammunition in their registered baggage.

On international sectors guests will be charged USD 100 for the additional service provided during handling and carriage of fire arm(s), air gun(s) or ammunition in their registered baggage.

The following personnel are exempted and will not be charged the mentioned fee provided they fulfill the conditions as specified:

  • Serving personnel from Indian Defence forces, Para military forces and Police if travelling on duty and carrying an official movement order issued by their concerned department authorizing the carriage of weapon and or ammunition for official purpose.

  • Indian sportsperson traveling to either domestic or international destinations for a competition or representing the country, will be exempted from paying the charge levied for firearms, air gun(s) andor ammunition provided they fulfill the following conditions :

    • Provide a government recognised identification document for the sportsman. Evidence of identity can be established by a photo identity card issued by a government agency or the sponsoring club.

    • Valid license or authorization of fire arms and ammunition.

    • Bonafide for carriage of arms and ammunition on the basis of a written document issued by the President or Secretary of the sports club sponsoring him orher for the shooting event.

    • Standard excess baggage charges will apply for carriage of weapons and ammunitions exceeding the free baggage allowance.


Carriage of Kirpans in the passenger cabin

The Kirpan is a religious symbol of Sikhism. Sikh passengers travelling on domestic flights within India may carry a Kirpan on their person, provided the length of the blade not exceeding 0.15 metre (15.24 cms / 6 inches) and the length of the handle not exceeding 0.076 metre (7.62 cms / 3 inches).


Live Animals

Carriage of live animals in our Boeing 737 / B777 and Airbus 330 aircraft is permitted only in the aircraft cargo hold provided the animal travels in an escape-proof, leak-proof container of adequate size, with ample ventilation. The container must be strong and not made of chewable material. The height of the box must be equal to the height of the animal in standing position and twice in width of the animal across.

Jet Airways policy does not permit the carriage of live animals in the cabin. Service or assistance animals cannot be transported in the passenger cabin. They may be carried in the cargo holds of the B737 aircraft. They will be transported free of charge if accompanying a user with a disability. Carriage of Live Animals on our ATR services is not permitted, whether in the cabin or in the holds.

Pets such household birds can be carried as accompanied registered baggage, other animals must be booked as freight.

Excess baggage is charged for the live animal including the weight of the container, irrespective of the Free Baggage allowance of the passenger if the animal is carried as accompanied registered baggage. If the animal is booked as cargo, the cargo rates will apply.


Carriage of Infants

In the airline industry, an infant is a passenger who has not yet reached the age of 2 years and is not required by law to occupy a passenger seat. The acceptance of infants depends on the number of life jackets and the number of oxygen masks.
An infant when traveling must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 years or older. The acceptance of an infant will be on a One to One basis i.e. one infant with one adult. Infants less than 7 days old are not allowed to travel.


Carriage of Handicapped Passengers

A passenger is considered a 'Handicapped Passenger' when his/her physical or mental condition requires individual attention not normally extended to other passengers or he/she requires assistance during boarding, disembarking and evacuating the aircraft. Wheelchair services are provided to wheelchair users. To avail of this facility the passenger has to inform our reservation staff at the time of booking and our Customer Service Staff at the airport will arrange for this assistance.


Carriage of Unaccompanied Minors

A child between the age of 5 years and 12 years traveling unescorted on a wholly domestic and / or international itinerary is termed as an Unaccompanied Minor (UM). A child under 12 years is treated as an unaccompanied minor even though accompanied by a passenger who is 13 years but less than 18 years.

The parent / guardian of the child has to fill up an "Unaccompanied Minor Form" which can be collected at the time of reservation/ticketing or check-in. This form is filled in triplicate. In case the unaccompanied minor is traveling on two sectors with a change of aircraft involved, two sets of forms will have to be filled in.

We do not transfer Unaccompanied Minors where there is an overnight stay involved between connecting flights or the onward connection is from a different airport or the onward flight is on another carrier and there is more than 4 hours of transit time involved. In such cases, the unaccompanied minor must be received at the transfer point by a parent, relative or friend and handed over to the connecting carrier.

It is very important to fill up the UM form correctly with all details like address, telephone numbers, contact persons etc. at departure and destination stations. The parent / guardian of the unaccompanied minor are advised to wait until the flight has departed. This would help in the event of any delay / cancellation. We ensure that an Unaccompanied minor is not left unsupervised at any point of time.

At destination, the UM is handed over only to the person stated in the UM form. If necessary, proof of identity may be requested. In case the deputed person as stated in the form is not available, the child WILL NOT be handed over to any other person until approval is granted by the Parent/Guardian mentioned in the UM form who entrusted the child to Jet Airways at the point of origin.


Unaccompanied Minor Service Charge

Jet Airways levies a service charge for carriage of Unaccompanied Minors and Young Passengers. Please find below the details:

Flights *Flights within India Charge INR 4,000
Flights Short Haul Flights (India to SAARC/Gulf and vice versa) Charge USD 60
Flights Long Haul Flights Charge USD 100

*For flights within India, Unaccompanied Minor service charge is revised for sales effective Sep 19, 2016.


  • This charge is applicable per flight. Stopover point will be considered as a destination. (Stopover: Departure from intermediate point is later than 24 hours after arrival at that point)
  • In case of multiple stopovers in a journey, the charge will re-apply from every intermediate stopover point to the next stopover point in the journey.
  • This is applicable on Jet Airways operated flights. For interline and codeshare travel, the Operating Carriers' rules will apply.
  • Service involving a dedicated staff member travelling on the flight with the child cannot be provided.

*SAARC includes Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka

*Gulf region includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates

Tickets for unaccompanied minors cannot be purchased online (jetairways.com).

Note: When two or more unaccompanied children from the same family are travelling together on the same flight, a single charge for up to two children will be levied.

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