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Delayed Baggage

  • Delayed baggage must be reported to a Jet Airways representative or baggage agent in the baggage hall before you leave the airport. It is important to do so as soon as possible so we may obtain information pertinent to locating your luggage.

  • Our representative or agent will create a Delayed Baggage Report for you. You'll be asked for contact information, and a description of your baggage and contents to assist in the search.

  • If you must make interim purchases such as toiletries, please ask a baggage representative to inform you of our guidelines.

  • An intensive search for your missing baggage will commence from the time the report is lodged. Our representative or agent will update you regularly of the outcome.

  • In rare cases where the bag is not recovered within 21 days, Jet Airways will settle your claim up to our maximum liability of INR 350 per kilogram of checked baggage (for flights within India) or as limited by either the Montreal or the Warsaw Convention (for international flights), as applicable.

  • If the value of the contents in the checked in baggage exceeds Jet Airways' liability, you may wish to consider purchasing insurance through JetProtect, prior to travel.

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