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Start your web check-in process by providing the Departure City, First Name and Last Name along with either of the options which is your PNR , eTticket or jet privilege number. the web check-in process involves 5 steps. clicking on 'check me in' button will launch the web check-in screen in secure environment. Once error occur, click tab key to fill required fields.
Web Checkin form
Type the few characters of the city name and use down arrow to select the city.
Check me in by PNR. (required)
Check me in by Jet Priviledge Number.> (required)
Check me in by Ticket Number. (required)

Check-in on the go

Web Check-in Features

Web Check-in is available for:

  • Guests holding a valid Jet Airways or a valid booking issued by a travel agent.
  • A maximum of 9 Guests per PNR and Group PNRs with a maximum of four segments.
  • Guests holding a valid and confirmed eTicket only.
  • Guests departing from an airport which is online with our check-in system. Please to view the list of cities and airports where Web Check-in is available.
  • Guests travelling with child and / or infant.
  • Guests booked on onwards codeshare and Interline flights.
  • Guests fulfilling the check-in time window criteria ( Please refer the below check-in window table).
  • Re-print of Boarding pass at check-in counter or Kiosk has to be completed before counter closure time.

Check-in window criteria
Class Category Check-in within India International Check-in
ClassFirst Class CategoryAll Check-in within IndiaN/A International Check-in48 to 2 hours prior departure
ClassPremière CategoryAll Check-in within India48 to 1 hour prior departure International Check-in48 to 2 hours prior departure
Economy CategoryJetPrivilege Platinum / Gold Check-in within India48 to 1 hour prior departure International Check-in48 to 2 hours prior departure
CategoryAll other guests Check-in within India24 to 1 hour prior departure International Check-in24 to 2 hours prior departure

Note : We request all guest(s) to check-in well before departure. Guest(s) reporting at the check-in counter(s) after the specified closure timing mentioned below, may be unable to complete their check-in procedure.

Due to the ongoing holiday season, we expect long queues at the airport. For a seamless experience, we request you to report for check in at least 2 hours prior to departure.

Check-in counter(s) closure timing:

  • Flights within India : 45 minutes prior to departure.
  • International flights : 60 minutes prior to departure.
  • Guests travelling with check-in baggage, must present their bags along with a valid photo ID at the airport check-in counter well in advance of the counter closure time mentioned above, in order to have their baggage accepted and processed.
  • Please note, Check-in counters at Dubai airport will close 75 mins prior to departure. Web check-in guests who have not reported to the airport 75 minutes prior to departure, will be offloaded from the flight and have their seats released for guests on standby.

Amendment to boarding card information on flights from Dubai

In view of the recent amendment by the Dubai Airport authorities, please note that the Gate Number for your flight will not be mentioned on your boarding pass, effective January 24, 2017.

Guests will be required to check the Flight Information Display Screen (FIDS) at Concourse and the terminal building to note the designated Boarding Gate Number for their flight. Guests may check this information within 90 minutes prior to scheduled departure.

Our check-in counters close 75 minutes prior to flight departure. Request all guests to arrive at the check-in counters in advance to ensure a seamless travel experience.

Important Notes for International Travel

  • Guests carrying a printed e-Boarding Pass would need to exchange the same for a boarding pass issued at the airport check-in desk. The boarding pass will be reissued only upon verification of the Guest’s travel documents.
  • Guest holding a valid e-Boarding Pass must report to the boarding gate at least 60 minutes prior to flight departure for verification of their travel documents.
  • The Check-in process at the airport counters will commence 3 hours prior to flight departure.
  • For US and Canada, due to Secure Flight requirements, Guests will be permitted to Web Check-in upto 48 hours prior to flight departure. However, Web boarding pass (es) will be generated only within 24 hours prior to flight departure. In case Guests have Web checked-in 48 hours prior to flight departure, we request them to revisit our Web site 24 hours prior to flight departure to generate their e-Boarding Pass(es).

Baggage drop facility for Web Check-in

Guest travelling with check-in baggage can visit our bag drop counter for quick bag drop access. Please to see the list of airports that have the bag drop facility.

For other stations guest can proceed to the check-in counter with their e-Boarding Pass.

Seats displayed on the digital seat map are for representation purpose and may not depict exact configuration on board the aircraft.

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