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Terms and Conditions - Redeem JPMiles

Terms and Conditions

  • Jet Award eTickets is only available for Jet Airways destinations with electronic ticketing facilities.

  • Award eTicket is governed by JetPrivilege terms and conditions.

  • JetPrivilege members can redeem their JPMiles online for an award ticket on Jet Airways and JetKonnect flights after they have recorded a minimum of 2 activities and 3,500 JPMiles, in their JetPrivilege membership account.

  • You can book on the Website for up to 7 guests per booking. You may simultaneously book flights for 7 adults and children (2-11 years old).

  • You may redeem your JPMiles to book a Jet Airways flight in the class of your choice, First Class, Premiere or Economy Class, where available.

  • Online booking and ticketing is available only on flights operated and marketed by Jet Airways.

  • JPMiles cannot be redeemed online for Partner Airline flights and Codeshare flights i.e. operated by another carrier.

  • Award seats available online are subject to capacity controls and availability of seats is limited. Jet Airways reserves the right to limit the number of seats available for Award travel.

  • Jet Award eTicket must be booked and ticketed at least 2 hours prior departure for destinations within India. For International destinations, award bookings must be booked and ticketed at least 6 hours prior departure.

  • Jet award tickets may be issued in any name designated by the JetPrivilege member.

  • Award booking must be completed within the time specified during booking process, failing which your booking will be automatically cancelled.

  • Members cannot make a waitlist booking when availing of Award tickets online. Open-dated sectors are not permitted in Award Flight Itineraries on Jet Airways.

  • Award eTicket will be issued only after the payment of applicable taxes, surcharges, and fees, service fees and any other charges as determined by the government, Jet Airways at the time of issuing the award eTicket.

  • Once ticketed, the award tickets will be valid for one year from date award ticket issuance to complete all travel.

  • Jet award eTicket cannot be transferred after issuance.

  • The JPMiles required for a Jet Award Itinerary will be calculated as per one-way sector JPMiles.

  • Where mixed-class travel is booked, JPMiles will be calculated sector-wise, class-wise and JPMiles will be redeemed from the member's account appropriately.

  • All flight awards entitle you to round-trip or one-way travel unless otherwise noted. (Immigration laws in some destinations require proof of onward or return travel.)

  • When you choose a one-way international Award flight, guests are required to check the onward flight and visa regulations with the relevant authorities. Some destinations require your passport be valid for a certain length of time; in general, 6 months after completion of travel.

  • Guests travelling on e-award tickets must have identification available at all times during travel.

  • Jet flight awards are subject to, and the guest is responsible for, any applicable departure taxes, surcharges, and fees, security fees, guest facility charges, and/or other taxes, surcharges, and fees, and surcharges assessed by appropriate authorities. In addition, there may be applicable fees under the JetPrivilege program, such as JetPrivilege processing fees.

  • Jet flight awards may not be combined with other Jet flight awards; may not be used in conjunction with any other promotion, coupon, discount or special offer; and are void where prohibited by law.

  • Select flight awards may allow a stopover at an eligible city, depending on the award used and the itinerary requested.

  • Your flight awards are only valid for designated award destinations served at the time you use the ticket.

  • Once Jet Award ticket is issued, name, class of booking and sector changes are permitted; subject to refunds, reissuance and cancellation rules of Jet Airways award tickets.

  • Once travel has commenced on an Award Flight, the Award is considered used, even if the remaining travel is not completed. JPMiles will not be refunded or recredited for unused sectors.

  • Award ticket cannot be endorsed for use on any other carrier, including Jet Airways Airline and Codeshare Partners.

  • Income taxes, surcharges, and fees liability on Jet flight awards, if any, is the responsibility of the member.

Purchase of JPMiles

  • JetPrivilege member may top-up his account at any time by purchasing additional JPMiles from JetPrivilege.

  • By submitting the request for purchase of additional JPMiles via mail, fax or on jetairways.com or by providing a credit card number for the purchase of JPMiles under the Cash-N-Miles offer, the member acknowledges and accepts the terms and conditions stated herein.

  • Each JPMiles transaction under the Cash-N-Miles offer can be for no less than 500 JPMiles and in multiples of 100 thereafter.

  • JPMiles purchased under Cash-N-Miles offer will be posted to the said Jet Privilege account within 72 hours of receipt of such request.

Jet Award Flight Tickets - Re-issuance, Cancellation and Refunds


  • Any changes to Jet Award e-ticket, prior to commencement of travel, which require ticket reissue will incur a cancellation / reissue Fee of 500 JPMiles for each ticket change. In such cases, the original award ticket has to be cancelled for issuance of a revised award ticket.

  • Ticket cancellation / Reissue Fee of 500 JPMiles is waived off for the JetPrivilege Platinum and Gold members.

  • Such changes include:

    • Change to name or class of travel

    • Change to any segment /sector or routing

  • The member / guest has to contact the JetPrivilege Service Centre for such changes, within 24 hours of departure from the point of origin of the first flight segment on the Itinerary in case of travel within India. Incase of an international travel, the changes need to be requested for atleast 24 hours prior departure. Any change will be subject to seat availability in the allocated class and the terms and conditions as applicable.

  • Cancellation and Refunds

    • JPMiles redeemed online for an Award ticket on Jet Airways will be re-credited as long as the ticket is cancelled online or at a Jet Airways ticketing counter and the same is sent to the JPSC along with a written request for re-credit of JPMiles.

    • To cancel Jet Award booking, fax in your cancellation request.

    • A processing fee of 500 JPMiles will be charged for a Jet Airways award e-ticket cancelled more than one hour before departure of the flight. This cancellation fee is waived for our JetPrivilege Platinum and Gold members.

    • Award e-tickets if cancelled less than one hour prior departure will attract a deduction of 50% applicable mileage.

    • No show guests will be deemed as traveled and no JPMiles will be re-credited for such tickets.

    • Award Flight tickets issued for travel on Jet Airways flights may be submitted for refund and re-credit of JPMiles prior to commencement of travel. Where applicable, only JPMiles that would not have expired will be re-credited to the JetPrivilege member's account.

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