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TIME, the world's leading newsweekly, is trusted by millions of readers for its insightful and reliable reporting. For active, influential people who need to stay informed, TIME is the premier source for up-to-the-minute information on world politics, business, finance, technology, education and more.

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  • 1 year - 300 JPMiles
  • 2 years - 600 JPMiles
  • 3 years - 1,000 JPMiles

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  • JPMiles will be credited to JetPrivilege members for their subscription only if they have subscribed to TIME through the JetPrivilege offer at www.time.com.
  • Neither Jet Airways nor TIME will be responsible for non-credit of JPMiles on non-qualifying offers.
  • It is mandatory to quote the JetPrivilege membership number and the refernce code as stated above for earning of JPMiles.
  • JetPrivilege and TIME terms and conditions apply.

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