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Terms and Conditions - Kiosk Check-in

  • The Boarding gates will close 25 minutes before flight departure. Please ensure you arrive for security checks and boarding well in advance for your flight departure
  • Sabre Record locator / PNR (Jet Airways booking reference) is the six letter code provided at the time of reservation. It should be entered in a format such as ABCDEF
  • Please read the notes printed on your boarding pass carefully
  • Kiosk Check-in is not available for guests traveling on the classes "E,D,G"
  • The Kiosk check-in facility can be availed anytime between 45 minutes and 24 hours prior to flight departure
  • To avail of the Kiosk Check-in facility, the guest name will be verified:
    • By swiping any major Credit / Debit card or the JetPrivilege membership card. The Credit / Debit card will not be charged and this is only for name verification
    • By entering the First & Last Name, Flight Number, Booking Reference / PNR / Record Locator as on the e- ticket


Kiosk check-in is currently available for:

  • Guests holding a confirmed, valid e-ticket only
  • A group of maximum seven guests and a maximum of three segments per guest
  • Jet Airways domestic / international flights departing out of airports where the Kiosks are located. Kiosks are located at:
    • Amsterdam
    • Aurangabad
    • Bagdogra
    • Bengaluru
    • Bhopal
    • Chandigarh
    • Chennai
    • Delhi
    • Dibrugarh
    • Dubai
    • Hyderabad
    • Indore
    • Imphal
    • Jammu
    • Kochi
    • Kolkata
    • Leh
    • Madurai
    • Mangalore
    • Mumbai
    • Patna
    • Pune
    • Port Blair
    • Raipur
    • Rajkot
    • Ranchi
    • Silchar
    • Toronto
    • Vadodara
    • Vishakhapatnam

    Kiosk check-in is currently restricted and not available for:

    • Guests with waitlisted or open bookings
    • Guests with special service requests such as wheelchairs, extra seats, visual and hearing impairment, unaccompanied minors, pets in hold or stretcher cases
    • Staff travel, JetPrivilege redemption travel,interline travel, code share flights, industry discount, upgrade vouchers and agents discount tickets


    Once the boarding pass is printed:

    • Guests will have to present the printed boarding pass with a valid photo identification to the security for stamping and to the Jet Airways Customer Service Executive as he / she boards the aircraft
    • Guest travelling with check-in baggage can visit our bag drop counter for quick bag drop access. Please click here to see the list of airports that have the bag drop facility. For other stations guest can proceed to the check-in counter with their e-Boarding Pass.
    • The Credit / Debit Card used to purchase the tickets will have to be produced at the time of check-in. If the holder of the card is not the guest, then the guest should possess the following:
      • A photocopy of both sides of the Credit / Debit Card, which will have to be self-attested by the card holder, authorising the use of the card for the purchase of the ticket
      • This photocopy should also contain the name of the guest, the date of journey & the sector on which the journey is made
    • The above document MUST be produced at the time of check-in. If the guest fails to comply with these conditions, Jet Airways reserves the right to deny the guest(s) from boarding
    • If the guest has any check-in baggage, the bags will have to be presented along with a valid photo ID to our airport check-in counter well in advance of the boarding time. While Kiosk Check-in is recommended to guests with carry-on baggage, guests carrying check-in luggage will have to report at the Jet Airways airport check-in counter at least one hour prior to the schedule flight departure, to tag their baggage
    • All check-in timelines followed currently at the airport will be applicable for Kiosk check-in as well. In case guest has excess baggage to pay for, the Excess Baggage Slip used for other e-ticketed guests will be issued
    • Our Kiosk check-in facility will display the Emergency and not reclining seats
    • Guests who check-in on Emergency seats are bound to govern by the rules of the Emergency seats. Guests traveling on emergency exit row seats must:
      • Understand oral and written Hindi or English
      • Be able and willing to carry out evacuation procedures in the unlikely event of an emergency
      • Aged guests
      • Temporarily and permanently disabled guests
      • Visually / Speech impaired guests
      • Expectant Mothers
      • Guests under 15 years of age, including passengers with infants
      • Guests requiring an extension seat belt to occupy a seat
      • Sick Guests

    • These seats are not allowed for:

      Jet Airways reserves the right to re-seat a guest already seated on emergency exit seats in order to comply with safety regulations.

      Once Kiosk checked-in,the following changes cannot be made on the Kiosk:

      • Guests cannot offload themselves using the Kiosk check-in facility
      • Cannot change the seat preference
      • Kiosk check-in application allows 9 guests and 4 segments per guest at a time from a single PNR. However if a PNR has multiple guests and segments, check-in on the kiosk can be done for a single or multiple guest
      • Guests booked on separate PNR's have to do a Kiosk check-in for each guest separately
      • Gate no-shows will be offloaded from the system during the Missing Guest Drill at the airport
      • Kiosk check-in is allowed for a maximum of four segments. If the guest is eligible for Through and Return Check-in for the onward or return sector, the guest will be able to Kiosk check-in.
      • Guest has to check-in for all the segments, when it is not a return journey and flights are connecting within 24 hours of the first check-in
      • Guests can check-in for:
        • Onward journey or
        • Onward and Return journey, if the return journey is within 20 hours of the beginning of the first segment
      • Kiosk check-in is allowed till 45 minutes before STD (D-45 hour)
      • If the guest misplaces his / her Kiosk Check-in boarding pass on verifying his identity and e-ticket, a fresh boarding pass will be issued at the Check-in Counter
      • Guests who wish to visit the Lounge will have to collect the Lounge Card from the check-in counter
      • After printing the boarding pass, if there is any delay or disruption, the boarding pass can be re-printed with the revised timings at the check-in counters
      • Any changes to your check-in information will have to be done at our check-in counters.
      • Please note that after any changes made to your check-in information, the previous boarding pass is invalid
      • In the event a guest reports late, Jet Airways may have to re-allocate their seat, which may result in missing the flight. Reservations are subject to cancellation if the guest is not on board the aircraft at least 25 minutes prior to departure. All existing no-show rules, terms & conditions, cancellation & baggage rules and allowances apply
      • If the guest does not report at the boarding gate at least 25 minutes prior to departure then the guest will be offloaded from the flight as per the current procedure used at the airport. The guest will be liable for gate no show charges
      • It is mandatory to produce a valid photo identification using the Kiosk check-in boarding pass for security clearance as well as for boarding. A valid photo identification could be an official Government issued photo identification, a driving license, an election photo identification, Passport (for international guests), or a photo credit card. Guests travelling with infants are requested to carry a valid document as proof indicating the infant's age.
      • Kiosk Check-in is not available for traditional paper (TAT) tickets. It is available for e-tickets only
      • Proxy check-in is not allowed
      • Any changes to the check-in status will have to be done 1 hour prior to flight departure. Existing cancellation charges, no show charges will be applicable for any changes made within 1 hour prior to departure
      • For changes in the check-in status, guest will have to produce his Kiosk printed boarding pass at the Jet Airways check-in counter
      • As currently followed, guests will be treated as gate no shows at 25 minutes prior to departure

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