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Points Hound

Points Hound

Earn thousands of JPMiles by booking hotels on PointsHound.com-offering competitive rates on over 150,000 hotels worldwide, with great deals in India as well as international destinations such as Singapore, London, Sydney and New York.


Offer Details

Effective 15th Sep, 2013, JetPrivilege members will earn up to 20 JPMiles per USD spent (accrual rate varies by specific hotel)
  • Level 1 (Up to 4 room nights booked on PointsHound.com)-Earn 2 JPMiles per USD spent
  • Level 2 (5 room nights booked in the previous 6 months)-Earn 3 JPMiles per USD spent
  • Level 3 (20 room nights booked in previous 6 months)-Earn 4 JPMiles per USD spent

Contact Details

  • For Queries related Hotel bookings call +1 (866) 313 5080

Terms & Conditions

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