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Flight Update

Flights Rescheduled

Due to operational reasons, the below flights have been rescheduled :

Flight Number Effective From Until Frequency Origin Destination Current Schedule Revised Schedule
Departure Arrival Departure Arrival
Flight Number9W 2321Effective FromMay 1, 2016UntilOct 29, 2016Frequency1234567OriginBengaluruDestinationCoimbatoreCurrent Departure0620 hrsCurrent Arrival0720 hrsRevised Departure0550 hrsRevised Arrival0650 hrs
Flight Number9W 791Effective FromMay 2, 2016UntilMay 12, 2016Frequency1234567OriginDelhiDestinationIndoreCurrent Departure1025 hrsCurrent Arrival1150 hrsRevised Departure1100 hrsRevised Arrival1225 hrs
Flight Number9W 792Effective FromMay 2, 2016UntilMay 12, 2016Frequency1234567OriginIndoreDestinationDelhiCurrent Departure1220 hrsCurrent Arrival1350 hrsRevised Departure1255 hrsRevised Arrival1425 hrs
Flight Number9W 2366Effective FromMay 2, 2016UntilMay 12, 2016Frequency1234567OriginDelhiDestinationLehCurrent Departure0615 hrsCurrent Arrival0745 hrsRevised Departure0650 hrsRevised Arrival0820 hrs
Flight Number9W 2367Effective FromMay 2, 2016UntilMay 12, 2016Frequency1234567OriginLehDestinationDelhiCurrent Departure0820 hrsCurrent Arrival0945 hrsRevised Departure0855 hrsRevised Arrival1020 hrs
Flight Number9W 2368Effective FromMay 2, 2016UntilMay 12, 2016Frequency1234567OriginDelhiDestinationLehCurrent Departure0540 hrsCurrent Arrival0705 hrsRevised Departure0610 hrsRevised Arrival0735 hrs
Flight Number9W 2369Effective FromMay 2, 2016UntilMay 12, 2016Frequency1234567OriginLehDestinationDelhiCurrent Departure0740 hrsCurrent Arrival0910 hrsRevised Departure0810 hrsRevised Arrival0940 hrs
Flight Number9W 641Effective FromMay 2, 2016UntilMay 12, 2016Frequency1234567OriginDelhiDestinationHyderabadCurrent Departure1010 hrsCurrent Arrival1225 hrsRevised Departure1020 hrsRevised Arrival1235 hrs
Flight Number9W 642Effective FromMay 2, 2016UntilMay 12, 2016Frequency1234567OriginHyderabadDestinationDelhiCurrent Departure1300 hrsCurrent Arrival1510 hrsRevised Departure1310 hrsRevised Arrival1520 hrs

Note : Frequency 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 refer to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All timings are in local time.

Introducing new flights

Introducing new flights and additional frequencies for the below routes :

Flight Number Effective Until Origin Destination Departure Arrival
Flight Number9W 598 EffectiveMar 27, 2016 UntilOct 29, 2016 OriginDelhi DestinationMuscat Departure2240 hrs Arrival0055 hrs*
Flight Number9W 597 EffectiveMar 28, 2016 UntilOct 29, 2016 OriginMuscat DestinationDelhi Departure0155 hrs Arrival0625 hrs
Flight Number9W 60 EffectiveMar 27, 2016 UntilOct 29, 2016 OriginMumbai DestinationBangkok Departure1250 hrs Arrival1850 hrs
Flight Number9W 65 EffectiveMar 27, 2016 UntilOct 29, 2016 OriginBangkok DestinationDelhi Departure0840 hrs Arrival1140 hrs
Flight Number9W 66 EffectiveMar 27, 2016 UntilOct 29, 2016 OriginDelhi DestinationBangkok Departure1400 hrs Arrival1945 hrs
Flight Number9W 69 EffectiveMar 28, 2016 UntilOct 28, 2016 OriginBangkok DestinationMumbai Departure1540 hrs Arrival1840 hrs

*Arrival next day

All timings in local time

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*From Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Kolkata.

For other cities within India, please prefix the city code of the nearest metro city and dial 3989 3333

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