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Mr. Bodi Yuhico says -

I'd just like to convey my pleasure with my flight two days ago from India to Singapore. It was a 1030am flight from Delhi and arrival in Singapore at 650am, so it was ideal for sleeping. Specifically though, I would like to talk about the quick and very professional manner the cabin crew had conducted themselves with. A woman was walking down the aisle and she fainted a seat ahead and across me, toppling on top of a seated family. The cabin crew was very quick on their feet, getting the woman safely down onto the aisle and clearing the aisle from people. One flight attendant held the woman's feet up while another (who was the flight executive, I believe) stayed near the woman's head and administered the SOP medicines.

Kudos to the Jet Airways staff!

Mr. Shrikant Nayak says -

I am always amazed whenever I fly Jet Airways. The human touch that is missing in most of the customer oriented organizations is found in hardworking and humble cabin crew of Jet Airways. Crew of my flight were working with lot of dedication and sincerity. I would like to thank these crew members for being polite and considerate which is so rare. Always happy to fly Jet Airways and may you all keep achieving success in your future endeavors.

Thank You ! Happy Flying!

Keep up the Good work!!

Mr. Sandip Ghosh says -

I wish to take this opportunity to compliment one crew on flight 9W 483 of 21st November, 2013. She made the most pleasing announcement on the flight. Her volume and modulation of voice was very good and she should teach other crew how to make an announcement that passengers actually listen to!!

Her smiling face while serving food is a welcome change!

Keep up the nice thankless job!!

Mr. Sanjay Mukte says -

I forgot my cell phone at Pune airport once confirm with duty manager at Pune airport. Jet Airways Indore & Jet Pune provided excellent customer service to provide my cell phone I received at Indore airport same day.

Thanks a lot Jet Airways!!!!! Hope will continue this support as always. Thank You all of Jet Airways staff!!

Mr. Rajiv Patil says -

I had not booked any special meals in advance but wanted only fruits. She couldn't give it to me as she was serving other guests too. However she like a best would treat requested me to at least eat something and I took only desert.

However she was concerned and she remembered and after about 15 mins somehow managed to get a bowl of cut fruits. I was really delighted. You are really blessed with a very good employee. I will continue to prefer Jet Airways for this.

Thank You!

Rajiv Patil

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